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Rent Monthly Twin Baby Co-Sleeper

From  R1,500.00 

R 1500.00 – rental for full 3 months.

INCLUDES: Mattress & fitted sheet.

Twin babies can sleep next to one another.The co-sleepers are on lockable wheels and height adjustable.The one side can also fold down and turn your co-sleeper into a crib with 4 sides.

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Security Deposit : R1,500.00


Rent a Twin Baby Co-sleeper

We all know how difficult and exhausting the night feeds can be and a co-sleeper is definitely the answer. It also helps the parents to keep a close eye on the safety and health of the babies.

an extract from my blog on the homepage of this website…….my opinion regarding cots, cradles and co-sleepers.

“Cots are so open, huge, drafty and most importantly, not next to your bed!!!! I tried putting my first born first into a carrycot and then into his cot…..Now I know better. A crib or cradle is a very good choice, but a co-sleeper is still the best decision you can make. A co-sleeper is an extension of the moms’ bed and stands next to the bed or hook onto the mattress. Mom will be able to keep baby during the night feeds, in her bed. There will be no fear of rolling on top of your baby and baby will not need to sleep in your arms.

Twin babies are positioned next to one another.

This product is used only for a few months and therefore the rental option is a great money saving idea.

The co-sleepers are on wheels and height adjustable.

The one side can also fold down and turn your co-sleeper into a crib with 4 sides.

Wheels are fully lockable and co-sleeper cannot move away from your bed (:

Easy breath mattresses and a fitted sheets will be at an extra charge of R100.

New mattresses and fitted sheets may be bought if you prefer new.

Rent this unique product for a full 3 months or just a week or two if you are a holiday visitor.

Additional information
Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 85 × 75 × 20 cm