Rent Monthly Double Trouble Carry Cot
Rent Monthly Double Trouble Carry Cot
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Rent Daily Joie Stages Luxury Executive (0 – 25kg) – Non-Isofix
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Rent Monthly O-Baby- Zoom Carry Cot

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Rent Monthly O-Baby- Zoom Carry Cot

Why should I rent it?

Rent Monthly O-Baby- Zoom Carry Cot: this item is the perfect rental product as it is great to use from birth till 9kg. As we always say, if it is short term, rather rent than buy!

The O-Baby- Zoom carry cot is great because it can be used as a bassinet and can be completely removed from the Zoom pram. This carry cot also provides your little one with extra leg space.

By opting for the carrycot accessory, you can transform your pushchair into a newborn pram in an instant. The generous pram base with its soft mattress assures your baby of the best ride, from birth onwards. Comfort and protection are also provided by the integral canopy with its air-permeable rear section, which allows fresh air to circulate. The carrycot can be folded down easily to a compact size for transport.

(This information is courtesy of www.abc-design.de)

How to use this carry cot?

Simply collapse the carry cot for easy transportation and storage. Each carry cot has a soft removable high comfort mattress, a comfy foot cover and a collapsible sun canopy that protects the baby from all elements. The spacious carry cot is large enough to accommodate a sleep wedge to encourage your baby to sleep safely on it’s side.

Looking for instructions? Please click on the following link: www.abc-design.de

What are the dimensions of this carry cot?

Length: 77cm

Width: 35cm

Want to know more about our Zoom pram?

Check out this review:

Distributed in the UK by Obaby, which also sells a huge range of other baby products, the ABC Design Zoom tandem is probably one of the most identifiable buggies around due to its unusual shape.

Looking a bit like a curved see-saw on wheels, the travel system compatible buggy is an interesting product because one seat or carry cot sits directly in front of the other at almost the same height, which means neither child is sat underneath or next to the other.

What that means is that the pushchair has a huge range seating options, but both children are in similar positions and there isn’t one ‘designated seat.’

The seats can also be configured in whichever way you prefer – facing inwards, outwards, forwards or backwards, which is great for me, my newborn son Rafferty and two-and-a-half-year-old son Fergus.

As a tandem the Zoom is ideal for newborn twins as they can sit inline, rather than with one on top of the other. That’s great because you have eyes on both babies at the same time, there’s no bending or reaching around to check both babies are ok.

But probably the best thing about this seating position is that a newborn doesn’t have to be close to ground, underneath the main seat. I’ve always been a bit worried about my young baby being so close to the floor when sitting in other tandems, but that’s not a problem with the Zoom.

And it’s not just infants, I know many of my friends whose toddlers don’t like to go in tandem buggies because they don’t want to sit underneath.