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Rent Monthly Baby Swing Crib – Leander Tepee
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Rent Monthly Moses Cribs – Cane Cribs


Rent Moses Cribs – cane cribs, romantic cribs enhances your decor in the nursery. Used next to your bed, it is practical and also safer for baby.

Dear Client, the price of R799 is for a full period of three months.

P.S. The booking system will only accept dates that reflect 90 to 92 days, in other words a full 3 months is needed. Do not choose less days. If you need a shorter period contact us.


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Security Deposit : R500.00


Rent Moses Cribs – Cane Cribs

Rent Moses Cribs – cane cribs for the first 3 months after birth.  You can use a Moses crib or basket until your baby is at least 5 months. It is a short term product and renting it rather than buying, makes so much sense. A helpful guide to buying a Moses basket

We stock a wide variety of moses cribs in white and mahogany.
Some have a full hood and one or two have a half hood.
All crib stands are on wheels.
One crib has a stand with drawers…beautiful!
an extract from my blog on the homepage of this website…….my opinion regarding cots, cradles and co-sleepers.

“Cots are so open, huge, drafty and most importantly, not next to your bed!!!! I tried putting my first born first into a carrycot and then into his cot…..Now I know better. A crib or cradle is a very good choice, but a co-sleeper is still the best decision you can make. A co-sleeper is an extension of the moms’ bed and stands next to the bed or hook onto the mattress. Mom will be able to keep baby during the night feeds, in her bed. There will be no fear of rolling on top of your baby and baby will not need to sleep in your arms.

How to choose between a cane crib or cradle?

Cribs are stationary and cradles can move!!! A huge difference! If you have a little  angel, you will not need a cradle, but if you have a “normal” baby like most of us, you  need stuff that moves!!!!! Needless to say, I bought a highchair and a cot on wheels and my boy grew up in a battery operated swing….. Jip, I was learning fast.”

We also stock  linen or bedding if you require extra bedding.

Additional information
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 800 × 600 × 900 cm