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Rent Daily Maxi-Cosi Tobi Luxury Executive (9-18 kg) – Non-Isofix
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Rent Monthly Hospital Bath / Bassinet Trolleys With Karibu Bath

From  R649.00 

Rent Hospital Bath / Bassinet Trolleys. Unique product doubles up as a bath and a bassinet. A collapsible trolley makes delivery easy.

Dear Client, the price of R649 is for a full period of three months.

P.S. The booking system will only accept dates that reflect 90 to 92 days, in other words a full 3 months is needed. Do not choose less days. If you need a shorter period contact us.

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Security Deposit : R800.00


Rent Monthly Hospital Bath / Bassinet Trolleys With Karibu Bath

Rent  Monthly Hospital Bath/Bassinet trolley With Karibu Bath –  the same bath/bassinet that is being used by the Medi-clinic hospital group and is supplied to us by a medical supplier.
The steel frame of the original trolley as been replaced with a wooden frame – colours of the wooden frames are mahogany or antique cream/white.
The acrylic bath can be changed into a bed by using the special padded bedding that we supply. The bedding consists of a slip on and slip off cover that covers the bath snug and well. Just dry the bath off, slip bath cover/bedding on and the bath is now a convenient bed.

We make the stands in a easily transportable knock-down form. This is ideal for our Gauteng clients.

Type 2: Rent the Karibu bath with your trolley. It can collapses flat for easy storage and has an outlet hole and plug.

We also rent padded bedding for the bassinets at an extra cost. This cover is a slip on cover and covers the inside of the bath.

The bath has now the look and feel of a bed.

Why Rent Monthly Hospital Bath / Bassinet Trolleys With Karibu Bath? -because is makes life easier for you and baby!

Here is some handy tips on how to be prepared for bathing time with baby and how you can make it comfortable:

Be Prepared

  • Make sure that you are prepared when bathing your little one and that everything at hand is important such as a soap/bathing solution, towel, clean diaper, clean clothes and so forth. By having these close by, you are able to give your undivided attention to little one and you may never be tempted to leave him/her alone in the tub for you to go fetch something or even answer the doorbell. Keep in mind that your baby can drown even in one inch of water and leaving him/her alone should be completely avoided.
  • If you are using the tub, make sure that it’s family friendly with a rubber anti-slip mat and covers for the spout to avoid bumps. It should be noted that many new mothers look to the convenience of a hiring hospital bath bassinet that converts into comfortable and easy to use bath trolleys which has shelves for keeping the above-mentioned items and can also be elevated.

Make it Comfortable

  • Your baby’s bath should be at a comfortable temperature. Test the temperature of the bath water by placing some on your wrist or the inside of your elbow to decide whether the water is too warm)
  • Make sure that the bathroom is at a comfortable temperature too, preferably 23 Celsius degrees.
  • Make sure that you close off running water taps before putting your baby into the bath water. This is done to ensure that the bath water does not get too deep.
  • Make sure the bath water is only 2 to 4 inches deep.

(This information is courtesy of www.ilsbabycare.com.au)



Additional information
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 94 × 62 × 30 cm