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Rent Monthly Bedding – Hospital Bath/Bassinet R200

From  R200.00 

The benefits of inner padded bedding is that it keeps baby comfortable and cozy at night time, and as snug as a bug. It will feel as if baby never left the safety of your arms.

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Linen or bedding for the hospital bath/bassinet consists of a padded bath/bassinet inner cover that can easily be removed. The rental fee is R200 for this item.

This option is applicable only to the hospital bath bassinet combined with a acrylic/perspex bath. It does not apply to the hospital bath bassinet combined with a karibu bath.

The padded inner bedding comes in the following colours:

  • Beige and white check
  • Creme and white pattern

*Do note that the colour is subject to availability and that the salesperson will choose which colour option to rent out.

Why Use a Hospital Bath Bassinet in the first place?

“Firstly and more importantly: Peace Of Mind

Imagine arriving at home with your precious bundle of joy, confidently knowing you can provide the same safe and comfortable environment you left at the hospital.

Mums-to-be, you can forget worrying about how to keep your baby close to you. The hospital style bassinet has large wheels with brakes to provide a safe, secure, convenient, and totally mobile unit. This allows you to move freely throughout your home with baby at your side. The size of the bassinet makes it easy to have your newborn baby in your bedroom should you choose to do so. No more endless trips to the cot as the clear bassinet sides make it easy to check on your baby. All you need to do is lift your head off the pillow or have a look from the nursery room door and you’re back to sleep again.

Dads-to-be, there’s no need to search the house for baby-care gear when bub needs a change. It’s all able to be stored right there on the bassinet trays.” – This information is courtesy of Cool Bub Basinette’s.

What is a Hospital Bath Bassinet?

The hospital bath/bassinet trolley is the same bath/bassinet that is being used by the Medi-clinic hospital group and is supplied to us by a medical supplier.
I have replaced the steel frame of the original trolley with a wooden frame just for the sake of aestheticism. 
Colours of the wooden frames are mahogany or antique cream/white.

The acrylic bath can be changed into a bed by using the special padded bedding that we supply. The bedding consists of a slip on and slip off cover that covers the bath snug and well. Just dry the bath off, slip bath cover/bedding on and the bath is now a convenient bed.

We make the stands in a easily transportable knock-down form. This is ideal for our Gauteng clients.

Additional information
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 20 cm