Rent Daily Safeway Explorer Economy Booster Seat - (15-36kg)
Rent Daily Safeway Explorer Economy Booster Seat – (15-36kg)
Rent Daily Graco Economy Booster Seat - (15-36kg)
Rent Daily Graco Economy Booster Seat – (15-36kg)
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Rent Daily SAAS Economy Booster Seat – (15-36kg)

 R30.00 Unit Price

Dear Client, please note you will receive the following discounts:

Day 14 to 20: 25%
Day 21 to 29: 20%
Day 30 to 32: 40%

Pickup Date & Time
Dropoff Date & Time
Security Deposit : R350.00


Rent Daily SAAS Economy Booster seat – (15-36kg)

What makes them great?

Economy Booster seats are ideal once you toddler has outgrown it’s 9 to 18 kg seat.

Booster seats offers more space and is much taller (:

Please note it is not recline able and you might need a neck support if your little one tends to fall asleep while driving.

Booster seats are much lighter than other type of seats and are thus easier transferred to another vehicle.

Please note you can also rent Luxury non isofix boosters or Luxury Isofix boosters

Legal facts regarding boosters with and without harnesses:

Children that weighs under 15 kg  needs a booster with a harness.
Children weighing more than 15 kg may use a booster without a harness – in other words legally they may use the car’s seat belts just like a grown-up. Keep in mind that our boosters has guides that keeps the car’s seat belt at the correct neck position of the child.

Which are the best booster seats:

The best booster car seats you can rent are the types that provide ample head and neck support and provide safety for your child. These seats also need to give them a feeling of being free to move around and have some autonomy so that you can drive them for longer distances without stopping.

As your child gets older, – infant and toddler car seats tend to block off their vision to the outside world. High back or backless booster seats keep them safe while allowing them the freedom to look around and be an active participant in life. It also helps them to feel more mature without skimping on safety. (courtesy of Best Car Seat Hub)

What brands do we stock:

Graco Booster seat 

Safeway Explore Booster seat

Kidd Booster seat

Little Tikes Booster seat 


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