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Rent Daily Jumperoo Activity Toy
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Rent Daily Linen Or Bedding – Basic R100

From  R100.00 

Linen or bedding is a great way to keep baby comfortable during their daytime naps and cozy at night time.

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Rent Daily Linen Or Bedding – Basic R100

Rent linen or bedding basic includes a fitted sheet and a mattress – R100.

This option is applicable to all cots, camp cots, cribs and cradles.

*Please do note that it excludes co-sleepers. The rental fee of the co-sleeper includes a mattress and fitted sheet.

We have linen/bedding in the following colours:

  • Plain white
  • Yellow & white check
  • Blue
  • Soft pink
  • Beige/Stone

*Please do note that the pictures may differ to the actual product.

Now that we’ve covered linen/bedding, let’s look at some Safe Sleeping Guidelines for baby:

  • Sleep your baby on their back from birth, not on their tummy or side.
  • Sleep your baby with their face uncovered. Don’t use doonas, pillows, sheep skins bumpers or soft toys in their cot.
  • Don’t let your baby near tobacco smoke before they are born or afterwards.
  • Make sure your baby has a safe sleeping environment with a safe cot, safe mattress and safe bedding.
  • Sleep your baby in their own safe sleeping environment next to your bed for the first six to twelve months of their life.

Some factors worth considering when it comes to bedding:

  • How practical and easy is it to wash bedding. Being able to throw sheets and blankets in the washing machine and then line dry them will save you a lot of time and energy. Avoid harsh detergents with strong perfumes; these can irritate a baby’s skin.
  • Try to have enough bedding so you do not have to constantly wash. Babies aren’t careful about where they vomit and don’t “hold on” until there is a nappy underneath them.
  • Aim for 100% cotton and natural materials where you can. Babies’ skin can easily be irritated by artificial fibres. Static electricity builds up in nylon blends and cotton, wool and linen blends feel better.
  • Avoid using pillows until your baby is in a bed. They are a safety risk for small babies who can wedge their heads under them. Older babies can also use a pillow as a step to hoist themselves up and out of their cot.
  • Layering is the secret to warmth, rather than one heavy blanket. It is better to swaddle or wrap your baby, then tuck them in with a lighter weight blanket over the top, rather than use one heavy doona or blanket on them.
  • Aim to position your baby in the lower end of their cot rather than towards the top. Resting their feet on the bottom cot rails will stop them from sliding under the covers and their face being covered.

This information is courtesy of www.huggies.com


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Dimensions 35 × 35 × 20 cm