Rent Monthly Baby Safety Gates
Rent Monthly Baby Safety Gates
Rent Daily Maxi-Cosi Priori XP Car Seat (9 - 18 kg) - Non-Isofix
Rent Daily Maxi-Cosi Priori XP Car Seat (9 – 18 kg) – Non-Isofix
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Rent Daily Baby Wooden Barriers

 R10.00 Unit Price

These barriers give parents peace of mind that their baby is safe. We have a variety of barriers to choose from.

Dear client, please note that the following discounts apply:

Day 14-20: 25%

Days 21-29: 37%

Days 30-32: 44%

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Security Deposit : R500.00


Rent Daily Baby Wooden Barriers

Why it is needed and how to install.

Rent Daily Baby Wooden Barriers: Baby barriers give parents and grandparents peace of mind. Whether you are on holiday or you just need it for a few months, renting it is a great saving idea. It is also perfect for pets LOL! It keeps little ones safely in a room or stops them from tumbling down the stairs.

No drilling or screws are required for installation. It has 4 pressure points that ensure the stability of the barrier. It is ideal for doorways and can be used at a staircase if there is sufficient installation surfaces on both sides of the gate.

Barriers are a basic, fixed device that keeps baby where they need to be. However, remember that you’ll need to step over or remove it to get access to the closed-off area, which can be tricky when child wrangling! Gates swing open and closed and are more convenient when you need frequent access to the closed-off area. If you don’t need frequent access or you are worried that baby somehow opens the latch of a safety gate (which is difficult to do), then a baby barrier will be your best choice.

(Please ensure that you take the correct measurements when placing your order. Also note that there is no such thing as a standard door entrance.)


An wooden baby barrier can be rented per week or per month. We also have aluminium safety gates OR plastic barrier gates in the event a parent prefers that (*Do note these items are subject to availability.)

Sizes of wooden baby barriers:

75cm, 81.5cm, 85cm and a wooden barrier that’s 110cm and that can extend to 200cm.

Please note: Colour of wood may differ to what we have in stock.




Additional information
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 75 × 10 × 72 cm