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Rent Monthly Bebe Confort Windoo Carrycot
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Rent Daily Baby Safety Gates

 R30.00 Unit Price

These gates give parents peace of mind that their baby is safe. We have a variety of gates to choose from.

Dear client, please note that the following discounts apply:

Day 14-20: 30%

Days 21-29: 40%

Days 30-32: 48%

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Security Deposit : R500.00


Rent Daily Baby Safety Gates

Why it is needed and how to install.

Safety gates give parents and grandparents peace of mind. Whether you are on holiday or you just need it for a few months, renting it is a great saving idea. It is also perfect for pets LOL! It keeps little ones safely in a room or stops them from tumbling down the stairs.

No drilling or screws are required for installation. It has 4 pressure points that ensure the stability of the gate. It is ideal for doorways and can be used at a staircase if there is sufficient installation surfaces on both sides of the gate.

The opening mechanism is of such a nature that only adults can open it.  Safety gate is a much better idea than a barrier…a barrier needs to be removed every time when entering a room.

A standard size safety gate is 77 to 81 cm. (Please ensure that you take the correct measurements when placing your order. Also note that there is no such thing as a standard door entrance.)


An aluminum safety gate can be rented per week or per month. We also have wooden and plastic barrier gates in the event a parent prefers that (*Do note these items are subject to availability.)

Sizes of gates:

81 cm, 85 cm, 87 cm, 91 cm, 100 cm, 101 cm and a wooden or plastic barrier gate that can slide open up to 200cm.

Please note: Colour of product may differ to what we have in stock.




Additional information
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 75 × 10 × 72 cm