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Rent Monthly Bebe Confort Windoo Carrycot

From  R899.00 

It is used only for 3 to 6 months. The only carrycot that can be safely installed in your car. It is compatible with the Bebe Confort Loola Travel System.

Dear Client, the price of R899 is for a full period of three months and the price of R1499 is for a full period of five months.

P.S. The booking system will only accept dates that reflect 90 to 92 days, in other words a full 3 months is needed or 150 to 153 for 5 months. Do not choose less days. If you need a shorter period contact us.

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Security Deposit : R1,000.00


Rent Monthly Bebe Confort Windoo Carrycot

Why should I rent it?

Rent Monthly Bebe Confort Windoo Carrycot: this item is the perfect rental product as it is great to use for the first 3 to 6 months as a travelling bed strapped safely into your car as well as a carrycot in your travel system. As we always say, if it is short term, rather rent than buy!

Perfect for parents on the go and the only carrycot that can legally be strapped into your car like a car seat!

How to install it?

The Maxi-Cosi Foldable Carrycot folds in just a few seconds, making transport and storage quick and easy. It can safely  be installed in your car (See video) and the comfortable mattress is important for your newborn baby’s sleeping needs when strolling. Protected from the sun and wind by the sun canopy, your baby has plenty of space to move around in the carrycot.

The memory buttons allow you to remove the carrycot easily with one hand from any Maxi-Cosi stroller and the Windoo carrycot fits on the Bebe Confort Loola Travel System as well as our Bebe Confort Elea Travel System.

Product Reviews

“In a class all of its own”
This carry cot has it all!!

It looks fantastic! Its slightly tapered shape gives it a modern look, whilst the benefits of the solid carry cot body. The intergrated handles, the hypoallergenic mattress, the constant flow of fresh air circulating within the carry cot as well as the benefits of the “in car” travel option makes this a 5* buy.

My daughter is now almost 9 months old and is still getting plenty of use sitting up in her carry cot.. we have had constant compliments on our pram, it is a pleasure and ease to use and a real benefit to the comfort and safety of our child..

I cannot rate this product highly enough.. in fact the whole system we bought is a breeze to use and a real eyecatcher.. fantastic value for money..I know prams well.. I work in the baby trade industry and so have both a professional and a personal “mom” perspective and this is definitely up there in the top ranks.. simply fantastic!!

(This review is courtesy of Pushchairs & Carseats.)



Additional information
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 85 × 50 × 67 cm