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Twenty one years ago I fell pregnant with my firstborn, Mikayla and I joined the hundreds of woman who knew they had to buy the right baby items, but who had no idea where to start and a budget that was somewhat tight !

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I would have preferred to buy second hand goods, but in those days there were no second hand shops where I felt comfortable shopping for my first born! Most of the second hand shops sold very dirty and tired looking baby equipment and were located in areas I did not like to shop. I ended up buying almost everything new and also spent quite a bit more than anticipated. The question was then raised by my hubby why there are no such second hand shops. The idea was immediately born and I started a home based business, with the name, The Baby Warehouse. With the passing years the name changed to The Mom & Baby House. Fifteen years later I am still offering clients up market used baby equipment in a beautiful setting. We only source baby goods that look unused and in a very good condition.

I have also found over the years that many clients will buy a product to only use it for a month or two and sometimes never at all. They constantly brought me these relatively new baby goods and then wanted very high prices for them. This I could understand completely, but the client that buys second hand ,wants to buy a bargain and not pay an almost new items’ price for it. I then started to offer to buy these so called “short term”

items and then rent it to my clients. This ended up being a major saving to clients and a great solution to a big problem. Today I rent out electric breast pumps, cribs, cradles, bath trolleys, Angelcare monitors, battery operated swings etc. for a periods of 1 to 6 months. We supply nationally rental items and even started to make knock-down furniture for our upcountry clients! The rental concept is also of great value to parents that are expecting twins and we stock all the necessary baby goods for them too!!

Please browse through the website and click on the New, Used and Rental categories for more info.

Thanks for visiting the virtual home of the The Mom & Baby House!

Annelize van Dyk

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